About Us

Who we are...

WDC is a safety company that specializes in non-violent de-escalation, through safety ambassadors in community. 

It is our vision to help build a city where all children, youth, and families live in safe and healthy communities.

We Deliver Care is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to achieving a diverse workforce through the application of equal opportunity and nondiscrimination policies in all aspects of employment; including... Read more

What we do...

We Deliver Care is a business that values people. We want the circle of human concern to be widened. We want our communities to prosper, and the people in those communities to feel safe and secure. Public safety is our main concern as we navigate the systems that impact our daily lives.

We...Build authentic and collaborative partnerships between community stakeholders to address conflict

We...Ensure the intended population is served connecti... Read more

What are we doing now...

WDC in partnership with several human service organizations are currently focused on the Third Avenue Project (TAP). 

TAP is a multi-disciplinary, multi-partner collaboration intended to significantly improve the public safety and order issues on Third Avenue and other areas. Purpose Dignity Action (PDA) provides project management for this collaboration, which includes the following partners: Us, We Deliver Care (WDC); HOPE Team; Health On... Read more


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